Tapani Jokinen

”Great design should solve problems, not create them”

I am inspired by constantly learning new technologies and methods to translate opportunities into elegant sustainable solutions that genuinely improve our lives, benefit the planet and generate profit for business.

Through new circular design and eco-design methods I can help organisations to accelerate the transition from linear to a circular economy. I work as a  Design Consultant at the Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin, Germany, as well as with Ethica to provide special design expertise to Ethica’s clients. Quite often I find myself in different places around the globe helping companies with their design challenges or lecturing about circular design in seminars and conferences.

Great design should solve problems, not create them. That is why integrating design thinking with life cycle thinking is so important. Working over 20 years in the field of design in international business gives me holistic experience and practical tools to support multidisciplinary design teams towards truly circular product and service concepts. Recently I have developed the Ecodesign Learning Factory toolbox with the Fraunhofer Institute as part of the EU EcoDesign Circle program, and worked as a Chief Design Officer at Circular Devices Ltd. Prior to that I used to work about 20 years at Nokia in different global senior design roles. My educational background is Industrial Designer.

Together with Ethica’s team we can offer the best circular design expertise to companies in different sectors, and help them create future products and services which answer to the growing global demand for more sustainable products.