Paula Fontell

”We need everyday superheroes to solve big challenges!”

We live in interesting times. This on-going global shift inspires my thinking 24/7. We’re in the middle of a sea change, hence it is a far bigger risk not to do anything than start finding out what this shift means to the business. This is the message I convey to CEO:s when working with them.
Figuratively speaking, I open new doors to show an overflow of marvellous opportunities that moving towards a circular economy could provide to them.

I made a long career at Nokia before setting up Ethica with Anne. One of the key things I learned there was the competence to organise complex development projects, envision purposeful objectives that support the business strategy and get the staff as well as the C-suite engaged in the process.

My role at Ethica is to focus on business development, sales and develop our service portfolio to meet the clients’ needs. We’ve got a number of brilliant international partners, and through the Cradle to Cradle framework and collaboration we can ensure to be ahead of the curve to spearhead the world towards a circular economy.
The brave side of me gets me to jump always into new challenges and test out new and inspiring ways of working. I wish to share this same attitude with our clients. Solving the future challenges require everyday superheroes!