Lotta Immonen

”Solid environmental expertise and practical solutions.”

I bring solid and diverse expertise on environmental issues to the Ethica’s team, and coupled with our business focused approach we can provide a unique and novel perspective to our clients.
My passion is to build the world where the environment flourishes alongside with business. A circular economy offers a well-defined framework and operating model for this vision.

My special areas of expertise are bioeconomy, nutrient cycle and technology based CE solutions. In my previous role at Evira, I used to work on organic fertilisers, biogas and composting development.
I have a Master’s degree in environmental science and technology, and in addition to that I’ve also studied micro and molecule biology, chemistry and social sciences.

I get to apply my environmental know-how to develop and execute customer centred and practical solutions. During my 18-month long trip around the world I learned how diverse environments call sometimes for very a distinct approach and distinct solutions. However, what is needed is the courage to test and pilot novel things. Sometimes simply understanding new things is courage. This happens when we find a connection with the client and are able to co-create novel and viable solutions.