Lilli Linkola

“Natural ecosystems are a perfect model of circular economy!”

I believe all humans can live in abundance. If we study carefully how ecosystems work and apply those principles in developing our economy and industries, we will soon find ourselves in a society that is regenerative by definition: consumption of goods and services creates raw materials and resources. A regenerative society enables renewable growth.

I have been studying and working with circular economy since 2008. Before I joined Ethica, I worked for the Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra), City of Helsinki and Green Building Council Finland. I have even tasted the start-up life. Through my work, I contributed to various projects ranging from developing industrial symbioses, pushing sustainable urban development to exploring the connection of open data with sustainability. I have a master’s degree in industrial ecology and bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

At Ethica I help companies and other organisations to prepare their operations and products for the circular economy. My main focus is in the real estate and construction sector, yet I am equally interested in developing a sustainable bioeconomy and closing the loops in the electronics industry. Any sector can benefit from applying the circular economy principles and systems thinking.