Anne Raudaskoski

“A circular economy is the best way to build the future.”

It is clear that the future will be circular. Paula and I set up Ethica, because we had an ambitious vision on how to support companies to do better business.

Previously I used to work as a Sustainability Manager at the University of Westminster in London. I had a chance to develop the sustainability programme on a very strategic level to strengthen the competitive advantage of the university. I’ve built my international networks since my days in London and thanks to our latest international projects the networks just keep growing while providing me ‘behind-the-scenes’ insights into other countries’ circular economy development. This is simply great, because we can harness these networks and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

My role in Ethica is to develop new concepts and tools focusing especially on circular design, business models and customer experience. I enjoy facilitating workshops and I frequently give presentations at various panel discussions and events on the subject matter.

A circular economy makes me spark over and over again, because it provides simply brilliant tools and mindset for both product and service as well as system level design.