Desigining Plastics Circulation (2019): The Nordic Council of Ministers chose Ethica to research how plastics in E&E products can be circulated through better design. Ethica interviewed a number of forerunner companies for the report, including Dell, Electrolux, Volvo and Philips. You can download the full report and ppt version here.

Introduction to EcoDesign Sprint – The strategic tool for circular business development (2018): Ethica has collaborated with Design Forum Finland to develop the EcoDesign Sprint for SMEs and design agencies as part of the EcoDesign Circle project. An introducing guide for the Sprint has been published. Download it here.

Business development through circular design: EcoDesign Sprint

Circular Economy Guide for Businesses – Liiketoimintaa kiertotaloudesta: EDELLÄKÄVIJÄN OPAS (2018): Ethica has published a circular economy guide for businesses. At the moment the guide is only available in Finnish. The guide explains principles of circular economy and provides examples and case stories of how to apply circular economy strategies in practice.

Nordic Council of Ministers: NORDIC WORKING PAPERS: Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries (2018)

The awareness of Biomimicry within the processes of design and development in Nordic companies are not well known. As a result, The Nordic Council of Ministers Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production has called for this report to highlight Nordic forerunners in Biomimicry and actors and activities in the field of biomimicry, biomimetics and biologically inspired design in Nordic countries today. The study conducted by Torben Lenau, Lilli Linkola and Anna Maria Orrù, will present a basis for planning further activities to leverage the possibilities for actors in biomimicry and to disseminate knowledge and methodology on if and how nature’s solutions can provide environmental and competitive advantages in business development. Results showed that over 100 organisations and almost 100 professionals from the Nordic countries are listed in the stakeholder map.

Download the Biomimicry study

Circular Business Ecosystem for Textiles (2017):

Relooping Fashion – we make fashion circular

Consumer attitudes and communication in circular fashion (long version)

Developing a Circular Narrative: The Case of Relooping Fashion (shorter version)

Raportti: Boosting Circular Design for a Circular Economy (2015): Ethica co-authored with Dutch De Groene Zaak  a report that explores the crucial role of design in moving towards circular economy (CE). Can circular design approach be effectively furthered through regulation and if so, in what way? Can principles of circular design be embedded in the existing Ecodesign Directive? Part of the report is based on interviews with circular economy front runners like Philips, Desso and Interface. Report has been acknowledged by the Comission for bringing up the design aspects for the EU Circular Economy Strategy.

Report: Boosting Circular Design for a Circular Economy.