Developing business through EcoDesign


How to embed circular thinking into your concrete R&D work? EcoDesign (also Circular Design) will help you taking a leap onto the next level.

EcoDesign Guide

Sustainability Guide by EcoDesign Circle © SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation 2018

Ethica has been working intensively on EcoDesign and especially on EcoDesign Circle project over the past few months. Anne has been running EcoDesign Sprints in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Tapani has co-operated closely with SVID aka Swedish Industrial Design Foundation in developing the EcoDesign Guide. As a result, a superb website called Sustainability Guide has been launched EcoDesign guide being an essential part of it.

EcoDesign guide takes you through the topics of design, materials, production and many more. There’s loads of material for you to download and you can also view inspirational videos showcasing some of the circular leading lights.

Sustainability Guide by EcoDesign Circle© SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation 2018

Biomimicry in the Nordics

What is biomimicry and how does it relate to Eco Design? How can it be used and for what purposes? What kind of new opportunities it can provide? The Nordic Council of Ministers published a working paper on biomimicry on 20th of June. The Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries paper is a result of Nordic collaboration and the whole project was led by Ethica’s Lilli.  Download and read:

Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries

Got interested in Eco Design and feel like you belong to the forerunners’ league? Don’t hesitate to ask for our help.