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Circular economy

What is the circular economy?

A circular Economy is an economic model, where products and services are designed so that their value is maintained as high as possible for as long as possible. A circular economy transforms the current global economic system and value chains to a more sustainable model, where economic growth is decoupled from the increasing use of natural resources. Nothing is wasted and waste becomes raw material.

Our clients have the best knowledge of their field of business. We help them succeed now and in the future through understanding and applying the principles of a circular economy. The future will be circular and the question is: are you in the loop?

Design is the heart of a circular economy. New business models and service concepts increase the utilisation and lifetime of products and materials, thus nurturing long-term customer relationships and more continuous cash flow throughout the product lifecycles. Customers and end users are the engine of a circular economy, and therefore understanding new opportunities in customer relationships is crucial for success. A new value proposition is needed and communicating it clearly and purposefully to customers is what separates the forerunners from the followers.

For local and regional authorities the circular economy approach offers a whole new horizon and mindset for urban & business development.