Business development through circular design: EcoDesign Sprint


Ethica has collaborated with Design Forum Finland to develop the EcoDesign Sprint for SMEs and design agencies as part of the EcoDesign Circle project. Ecodesign Sprint is a three-day holistic training and acceleration programme based on circular economy thinking. It is an intensive and strategic programme focusing on identifying new circular business opportunities, and with the expertise of the design agency it results in novel product/service concepts for the SME. You can find a download link to an introductory guide below.

For the client company, the Sprint provides a concrete and rapid service/product development process furthering the company’s strategic goals. For the designers, the Sprint provides a great opportunity to learn and embed circular design principles into their own work.

EcoDesign Sprint Workshop. Photo: Kalle Kataila


Ethica has developed the Sprint content and tools and to date has facilitated Sprints in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The participating companies range from construction (Lumir) to packaging (Nefab), outdoor & indoor furniture (Nola), food (JärkiSärki), clothing (R-Collection) and camping equipment (Primus). The collaborating design agencies are Pentagon Design, Muotohiomo, Arctic Factory, I Design, MI/KL Studio and Them.

Introductory guide and contact info

Download your copy of Introduction to EcoDesign Sprint.

Interested in taking part in EcoDesign Sprint? Contact Aino Vepsäläinen, Design Forum: