Book your place! Ethica Circular Clinic at Oulu Industry Summit 14th -15th May


A circular economy (CE) model is sometimes mistaken to efficient recycling. This is not the case. A circular economy is based on decoupling: unlike our current linear ‘take-make-waste’ economic model, circular economy aims for decoupling sustainable growth from the use of natural resources and virgin raw materials. In other words, the key is to do business through ‘one planet’ logic instead four planets currently needed.

Circular economy is an engine for sustainable growth, employment and magnificent circular innovations! It is a way of thinking and operating cutting across all the industries. CE works best if it’s embedded in the company’s R&D.

If you’re in the process of thinking how to get started or how to take your R&D on the next level, come and visit our Circular Clinic at Industry Summit. You will find Paula and Anne at stand no 36 and during the 15 minute session we will sort out the next steps on your circular journey. You can pop in anytime that suits you, or you can secure your place by doing one of the following:

See you in Oulu!

P.S. You can hear Paula on the 14th at The digitalization challenge -panel discussion 3:45pm and Anne on the 15th at the Main Stage seminar: Digital solutions furthering circularity in industry at 10:05am. Watch presentations online: