Sami Raatikainen

”I encourage an ever-growing amount of companies on the path to a circular economy.”

I support diverse companies to understand the principles of a circular economy and new business opportunities it brings with it. I’m also interested in other megatrends that will shape our society and will inevitably have an impact on people’s health and all living beings on this planet.
Who wouldn’t want to do good and succeed financially? I’m sure this is what everybody wants, but first you need to know how to do it. One’s mindset can change practically overnight when there is an incentive to do so.

My focus is on sales and marketing, and I aim to find those organisations who might need us. I enjoy brainstorming new opportunities with our clients and experience how concrete solutions start shining light on the path towards a circular economy. It is my way of creating an impact and the reason I like my work. I find it very natural to explore diverse organisations’ challenges and with my strong project management skills I can safeguard our clients’ satisfaction at all stages of the collaboration. Contact me when you want to hear more about our services!