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The story of Ethica

People want to follow those who are doing well. We founded Ethica because we know how to develop business through the circular economy approach, and because we want to increase the number of organisations and people who are doing well in all aspects. Our aim us to grow revenue streams in parallel with the well being of the environment. This may sound possible only to superheroes, but it is actually a genuine opportunity for all of us. One only needs to understand how the world is changing and shift the perspective to see the abundance of new opportunities arising from circular thinking.

Do you want to be a leader? Do you wish to find out what kind of new opportunities a circular economy brings to your organisation? Let’s find out the answers together and make sure you will be one of the forerunners. We have led a number of companies towards a brave new culture, where tools for doing good business are simply better.

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Anne Raudaskoski

“A circular economy is the best way to build the future.”
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Lotta Immonen

“Solid environmental expertise and practical solutions.”
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Paula Fontell

“Everyday superheroes are needed to solve big challenges.”

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Lilli Linkola

“Natural ecosystems are a perfect model of circular economy”

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Tapani Jokinen

”Great design should solve problems, not create them”

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